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Want To Sell
Vpet V1 Red Japan Loose RM140
Vpet V2 White Japan Loose RM160
Vpet V3 Purple Japan New With Box RM240
Vpet V4 Red Japan Loose RM200
Price including postage.


My Collection 15 Nov 14

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My Digimon Collection 17/09/2013

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Digimon Cheats!

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The Energy Cheat
When your digimon is in the Agumon,Betamon,Numemon or Airdramon stage,give him 200 vitamins.There will be 4 exclamation marks.

Teddymon cheat
Using the tab stick it in the gap in your Digimon.Press button C at a constant rate and about 2 seconds after the screen has faded away take the tab out. You should see an egg and suddenly a Teddymon will appear out of nowhere.Some new or old digimons can’t get this code.I have got it before so don’t go complaining that it dosen’t work.)

Wake mistake
If you wake your Digimon by accident you can put him back to sleep by pressing C then A then C
quickly after that.

Full hearts
When you Digimon is a Botamon, fill up all his hearts and then keep scrolling
through the stats screen. The hearts won’t go down.

Quick Morph
If your Digimon is a Koromon, you can make it a Agumon the next day by feeding it until it won’t
have any more and then training him to his minimum weight.

Now you can be invincible in fights!
When you are fighting press AAABBBAA and your Digimon is sure to win, even if the other one
does as well. I have also heard other versions as well.
Keep your finger on B before you fight, and there is also another one saying that if you train him
twice between each fight he won’t die.

Now you can get an eating and sleeping but not fighting computer!If you use the Twins code ( when your teddymon dies you press c ten times while
holding down b then reset it ) then with a bit of luck you could get a computermon.

Pixel test
Hold down the “a” button while you reset your Digimon.

Flaming Teddymon

When your Digimon dies press the “a” button 200 times, the “b” button 100,
and the “c” 25. When it re-hatches press abc abc abc and then a and c at the same time and you a
Teddymon with a flaming body, this Teddymon is invincible!

Skull shooting Teddymon

When you have a Teddymon get all of it’s hearts full, it’s energy meter full, and it’s victories up to 100%. Then reset it and press abbabbabbac and when the
egg hatches you will have a skull shooting teddymon.

Quick Morph
First, you reset your digimon with your tab
Then you set the time to 1.01am or press
bbac.Then,put your tab in and take it out while
pressing b.You may get a numemon,meramon,teddymon,mememon,metal-greymon or character select.

How to get a Teddymon,Darkmon or Greymon

First go to the bandage sign.Next press the ‘b’ button
once.Put in the tab and quickly take it out.This code might damage your digimon.


1. To shut off your DigiMon’s sound, hold down C and hit A. You’ll hear a beep and the sound is off.

2. When you feed your DigiMon vitamins to regain some of its energy, don’t train it for 5 minutes. Otherwise, the vitamins won’t register.

3. To put your DigiMon to sleep during the day, set the time to whenever it goes to bed.

4. To set the time, press B when nothing is highlighted. Then at the time screen, hold down A and C. A is for the hour, and B is for the minute. Press C to confirm the time and press B again to get out of the time screen.


1. During the rookie stage, which can be an Agumon or a Betamon, feed your DigiMon about 200 vitamins. Wait for 5 minutes. Then go to the status button and look at your energy. There should be four exclamation points there. Now when you fight, your energy decreases much less and you have a slightly better chance of winning.

2. When your DigiMon goes back to the Megalithic Mainframe (when it dies), hold down the reset button and the top button. Then let go. It’s nothing but a pixel test screen, but if you are really bored then try it.

3. If you still have the tag that you pulled out of your DigiMon to start it, take it and put it in and hold own the bottom button until the screen fades. Then do it again. A sleeping Teddymon will appear. CAUTION: The tab may rip in half while inside the DigiMon.

4. To win a battle every time, keep pressing all three buttons through the battle.

5. Wait until your DigiMon dies. Then press the top button 200 times, the middle button 100 times, and the bottom button 25 times. When it re-hatches, press ABC ABC ABC and then A and C at the same time and you will have a Teddymon with a flaming body. NOTE: This is only a rumour.

6. When you start a battle, press the top button 3 times, the middle button 3 times, and the top button either twice or once. Your opponent will probably die. NOTE: This is only a rumour, but it worked for me.

7. In the screen that appears when your DigiMon dies (a pic of the DigiMon with its eyes closed and making long beeps) before the computer does, press the top button 4 times, the middle button 2 times, and the bottom button 17 times. You will get a Mamemon.

8. When your DigiMon goes back to the Megalithic Mainframe, hold down the top and bottom buttons. This is a normal reset but you don’t have to get a pencil to stick in the recessed reset button. Your DigiMon will probably (most of the time) grow the same way it did the last time you raised it.

To get a Teddymon without a cheat, you have to get the Numemon first. That’s the slug. In order to do this, leave your DigiMon’s strength and hunger hearts at either one or two. But when you get the Numemon, feed it very well but leave the strength hearts at 2 during the first 2 days you have Numemon, and then treat it the best that you can. This tip was given to me by Kathleen Lyons.

To get the Metal Greymon, get the Agumon as your rookie and the Greymon as your champion. Fight 15 battles and win at least 10. Or have a victory ratio of over 40%. By 10 your DigiMon will be a Metal Greymon.

And to get a Mamemon, get an in-between champion such as the Meramon, Airdramon, or Tyrannomon and have a 50% victory ratio.

Don’t fight 4 battles in a row or you will most likely become sick or even die.

Digimon Virtual Pet

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The Digital Monster is the first in the series of the Digimon Virtual Pet line. It has a roster of 14 Digimon and simple functions, behaving like a battling Tamagotchi. It evolves through 5 stages after hatching from the egg, beginning with the Baby Stage and ending in the Perfect Stage.

Once activated, it will prompt you for a time to put on the clock. Input the times using the buttons and your egg will hatch shortly. You will see a total of 8 Icons on the border; here is a list:

  1. Scale: To view the Digimon’s status you will see numerous screens, which will include the Age/Weight, the Hunger Status, the Strength Status, the Win Ratio screen, and the Digimon Points (DP) Gauge. 1 Digimon Year = 24 hours. Weight variations will take place in the following way where G = Gigabytes.
    Food +1G
    Protein +2G
    Training -2G
    Battle -4G
  2. Meat: Two options are given here. The top selection is a piece of meat which will increase the Digimon’s Hunger. The second selection is the Protein Pill, which will increase your Digimon’s Strength and replinish DP.
  3. Training: This is where your Digimon will train; a successful training session will increase your Digimon’s strength naturally. Different versions have different types of training.
    Version 1: Use A and B to select if the Digimon will attack high or low.
    Version 2: A Power bar will rapidly fill, and you must press A or B in order to stop the bar from moving when it is full.
    Version 3: You must rapidly press B to build Power levels to 100%. This is similar to training on newer models such as the Mini or Twin.
    Version 4: has a series of numbers rapidly counting to 100%, and you must stop the numbers at 100% by pressing A or B.
    Version 5: This is a slowed-down version of the training on the Version 2.
  4. Fighting: This will allow you to fight another V-Pet to increase your Win Ratio. The more battles and higher your Win Ratio the more likely it will be you will reach the Perfect Stage. Fresh/In Training Digimon cannot battle, and for the other Digimon, DP is necessary.
  5. Toilet: This will wipe the screen clear when your Digimon poops approximately every two hours. Your Digimon will become sick if it poops 8 times without being cleaned.
  6. Lights: Select this option to turn the lights off when your Digimon is ready to sleep. You must do this within 20 minutes (or before the ‘Call’ light goes out), or it will count as a care mistake. A full 8 hours’ sleep is necessary to refill the DP Gauge.
  7. Bandage: This is where you provide medical attention for your Digimon. Sometimes your Digimon will refuse the treatment, and you must keep selecting the option until it is happy again. If your Digimon gets the sickness/dying status too many times or is left untreated, it may die. Your Digimon can still get injured in battle even if it wins.
  8. The “Call” icon: When it’s lit up you have 20 minutes to respond before it goes out or you will get a care mistake. Your Digimon will only do this when its hearts run out. It will also do this when it is time to turn out the lights.

Sound Option: To disable the sound press the A and C buttons at the same time.

Pause Option: While the V-Pets have no pause feature, you can keep it at the same time of day by bringing up the clock and hitting A and C to ‘change the clock,’ then leaving it so it says ‘SET’. If your Digimon is sleeping, it will stay asleep so you can tend to other things. It will continue to age and evolve as usual, and when it evolves the clock will begin to advance again. This will only work if the Digimon is asleep when the clock is left on ‘SET.’

how to get the digimon that you like ;)

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V-Pet Version 1



Born from Egg


Botamon: Wait about 60 minutes.



Koromon: 0-3 Calls.


Koromon: 4+ Calls.



Agumon: 0-3 Calls, Train 32+.


Agumon: 4+ calls, Train 5-15, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Agumon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-31.
Betamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Agumon: 4+ Calls, Train 16+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances.
Betamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.


Betamon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-31, Overfeed 0-3, 9+ Sleep Disturbances.


Betamon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-31, Overfeed 4+, 0-8 Sleep Disturbance.


Agumon/Betamon: When you do not fulfill the requirements of other Digimon.



Greymon/Devimon/Airdramon: Perfect level requirements


Tyranomon/Meramon/Seadramon: Perfect level requirements


Numemon: Perfect level requirements

V-Pet Version 2



Born from Egg


Punimon: Wait about 60 minutes.



Tsunomon: 0-3 Calls.


Tsunomon: 4+ Calls.



Gabumon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Gabumon: 4+ Calls, Train 5-31, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Gabumon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
Elecmon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Gabumon: 4+ Calls, Train 32+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances.
Elecmon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-15, Overfeed 0-5, 5+ Sleep Disturbances.


Elecmon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.


Elecmon: 4+ Calls, Train 16+, Overfeed 6+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Gabumon/Elecmon: When you do not fulfill the requirements of other Digimon.



Kabuterimon/Angemon/Birdramon: Perfect level requirements.


Garurumon/Yukidarumon/Whamon: Perfect level requirements.


Veggiemon: Perfect level requirements.

V-Pet Version 3



Born from Egg.


Poyomon: Wait about 60 minutes.



Tokomon: 0-3 Calls.


Tokomon: 4+ Calls.



Patamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Patamon: 4+ Calls, Train 5-31, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Patamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
Kunemon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Patamon: 4+ Calls, Train 32+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances.
Kunemon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-15, Overfeed 0-5, 5+ Sleep Disturbances.


Kunemon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.


Kunemon: 4+ Calls, Train 16+, Overfeed 6+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Patamon/Kunemon: When you do not fulfill the requirements of other Digimon.



Unimon/Ogremon/Shellmon: Perfect level requirements.


Kentarumon/Bakemon/Drimogemon: Perfect level requirements.


Sukamon: Perfect level requirements.

V-Pet Version 4



Born from Egg.


Yuramon: Wait about 60 minutes.



Tanemon: 0-3 Calls.


Tanemon: 4+ Calls.



Piyomon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Piyomon: 4+ Calls, Train 5-31, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Piyomon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
Palmon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Piyomon: 4+ Calls, Train 32+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances.
Palmon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-15, Overfeed 0-5, 5+ Sleep Disturbances.


Palmon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.


Palmon: 4+ Calls, Train 16+, Overfeed 6+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Piyomon/Palmon: When you do not fulfill the requirements of other Digimon.



Monochromon/Leomon/Coelamon: Perfect level requirements.


Cockatrimon/Kuwagamon/Mojamon: Perfect level requirements.


Nanimon: Perfect level requirements.

V-Pet Version 5



Born from Egg


Zurumon: Wait about 60 minutes.



Pagumon: 0-3 Calls.


Pagumon: 4+ Calls.



Gazimon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Gazimon: 4+ Calls, Train 5-31, Overfeed 3+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Gazimon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.
Gizamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 48+.


Gazimon: 4+ Calls, Train 32+, Overfeed 3+, 0-6 Sleep Disturbances.
Gizamon: 4+ Calls, Train 8-15, Overfeed 0-5, 5+ Sleep Disturbances.


Gizamon: 0-3 Calls, Train 0-47.


Gizamon: 4+ Calls, Train 16+, Overfeed 6+, 0-4 Sleep Disturbances.


Gazimon/Gizamon: When you do not fulfill the requirements of other Digimon.



DarkTyranomon/Devidramon/Flymon: Perfect level requirements.


Cyclomon/Tuskmon/Deltamon: Perfect level requirements.


Raremon: Perfect level requirements.

The counters (except for battles) are reset when the Digimon evolves. So, for example, nothing that happens to the newly hatched Digimon affects growth at all.

Calls / Care Mistakes
For food and strength calls: When its hunger hearts run out, the call icon lights up. If you don’t feed it for 20 minutes, it goes out again, and that’s a care mistake. The same for strength. However, if BOTH hunger and strength run out, it’s still only one care mistake. And if you leave it for a few hours before feeding it, and it bleeps again a few times, then even then it’s only one care mistake.
Lights calls are straightforward – leaving the lights on for 20 minutes after it falls asleep is a care mistake.
Accumulating up to 4 piles of poop has no effect at all. (Larger quantities are unknown.)

Version 1: A training session is counted whether or not you complete all 5 rounds. It’s counted if you win, if you lose, or even if you cancel in the middle. (Where there’s an upper limit on the training requirement, be careful of this.)
Versions 2-5: Only successful training is counted for evolution.

To overfeed, stuff the Digimon with food until it won’t eat any more. It is necessary to wait until it loses a hunger heart before overfeeding it again.

Sleep Disturbances
Wake the Digimon up by going into the Food menu, training it, or selecting the Battle option.
If you want to wake it, without this being counted as a wakeup, then set the clock to some time during the day. The Digimon will wake up, with no effect on the counters.

Perfect Level Requirements
Officially: “Fight 15+ battles with a victory ratio 80% or more.”
In reality: Some battles are required, but whatever you do, evolution to Perfect is partly random. It seems you can improve your chances by battling during the Child and Adult stages (20+ battles at each stage). Victory ratio appears to have very little effect.